Shipbrokers & Chartering Agents Since 1987

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Given the current & global information overload that we are all facing on a daily basis, we welcome you to our deliberately brief web page.

Our Company is a private and family owned business that has been operational since 1987 initially in the UK before relocating to Greece in 2002. Though international by the very nature of the business, our main activities are primarily Shipping & Chartering With & Within the MENA Region where we have acquired over the many years deep and solid experience, knowledge and excellent contacts throughout the erea.

We also act as consultants and thanks to our spread and diversified contacts; we are able to facilitate and help to create as well as implement short, medium or long term strategic plans, be it for a Company, a product or a single operation. We are strictly client and result oriented in our areas of interest. 

You are welcome to contact us, in strict confidence, with any inquiry where we may be able to assist. You may also like to follow us on our social network for various news and updates by clicking any of the icons here-below.

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